Save Your Own Moves While Playing Computer Games

Save Your Own Moves While Playing Computer Games

Are you a gamer and always into playing different computer games online or offline? Do you love to share your success story in every stages of the game you make with your friends? Well how do you do that? Just by telling them in person? Do they believe you? If not, then you must be missing one spectacular software from Movavi which is Movavi Game Capture. It helps you to capture every move you make in your game playing and also using it you can create amazing movie on your game play. 

Movavi Game capture is an amazing software and it is really easy to use. You can create good movies on your moves and share it with your friends and even you can share it online. It will not only capture the video, the game sound and music will also come into the account which will give it lively feature. You can save this in any file format as per your choices as Movavi Game capture software provides a plenty of option on selecting file format. Now you might be asking how to use it? Read below to know it in detail.

First of all, you need to visit the Movavi official website and download it from there, then run the downloaded .exe file to install it in your computer. Once it is installed properly, now you can use it. To start using it, activate the Capture Game mode and select your frame rate which is required to control the quality of your video. Once the Capture mode is ON, you must run the game and enter F10 from your keyboard to start recording. You can use the F9 button to pause or resume the game capture process. Once the game capture process is completed, you need to save the file in your desired file format. Movavi game capture provides you the opportunity to use many different file formats using which you can easily save your video as per your requirement. 

Movavi Game capture has an easy and user friendly interface, you just need to read the manual given in the Movavi website to start using the software. Most of the work gets done in seconds and no complicated steps involved in the process. Also, the record quality is also superb and it will give gaming experience a spectacular bonus. Movavi is already a famous in the industry for providing various types video and image editing software so even if you want to add subheads, extra effects in your gaming video you can opt for other Movavi editing software. To learn more about the different software from Movavi, visit their official website.

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