WebSite X5 vs. WordPress: pros and cons of the former than the latter

WebSite X5 vs. Wordpress: pros and cons of the former than the latter

What is WebSite X5?

WebSite X5 is a tool to create websites. It was created in 2002 and since then many people have chosen it to have their own website, blogs and online shops. Very well-known in Italy, this software is famous in many other countries and has lots of advantages to be considered.

No skill needed

WebSite X5 is very easy to use and everybody can create a website without any previous knowledge. This software generates page code and every technical issue will be fixed in no time.

Be creative

If you decide to build your own website using WebSite X5, you will be free to create whatever you want. There is no limit to your creativity and your website will be exactly as you have always imagined it.

Professionalism of WebSite X5 

This software is so professional that everyone can create every type of website from e-commerce to a simple blog to share photos.


Even though this software is very intuitive, there is an incredible team to support you for every problem you can experience. There are many useful video tutorials to teach you how to build your website and fix your issues.


If you buy your licence you can install WebSite X5 on 2 computers and you can start creating as many websites as you want with no limit at all. If you cannot afford to buy a licence, there is a free version of this software with more than 100 templates. There are no WeSite ads on your website and you can publish it wherever you want.

What you need

In order to create your website, you just need your computer and an internet connection. In 5 steps your website will be ready. There are 1500 template to choose from and you can add all the pages you want. There are so many advanced features that your blog or website or whatever will be unique and the SEO optimization will put it on the first pages of every search engine. Moreover, buying this software you have everything you need for your website: nothing else is required. 

Which one?

There are different versions of WebSite X5. If you want a simple version, WebSite X5 Home 11 is perfect for you but you can choose among WebSite X5 Compact 11, WebSite X5 Evolution 11 and WebSite X5 Professional 11 if you need something more complete. Of course there is a free version too.


It is very difficult to find disadvantages for this software. Maybe, the only one is that very skilled people can find it too simple!

WordPress: advantages

It seems that WordPress might be the only true competitor because it is very popular and a lot of websites are published in WordPress. It is a good idea to compare WordPress and WebSite X5. WordPress has many templates available and about 20000 plugins. Its dashboard is well designed and there are 10000 themes to choose from. 

WordPress: disadvantages

Unfortunately, there are many disadvantages too. It can be picky with multimedia content and you must have your own server to upload to. Moreover, the installation of plugins can be very difficult sometimes and if you are a beginner, you may need a more skilled person to help you with the building of the website. In addition to this, you need to update WordPress very often, some plugins and themes are protected and worst of all you can be hacked easily. If you do not update your website every time it is possible, hackers will surely attack it. 

Why you must choose WebSiteX5

Thinking about both WordPress and WebSite X5 advantages and disadvantages, it is evident that WebSite X5 is obviously better. It seems that it has no cons and, if you can use a mouse properly, your website will be ready in a few minutes. You can have different versions of it including one completely free of charge and with similar characteristics. You can choose your favourite host and if you buy a licence you can install on more than one computer. If you still have doubts, have a go and try it! Build your website or your new business and publish it straight away, you will find yourself on the web very soon. What are you waiting for?

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